Bearing stories

When I was in college I worked full-time during the day, and had class until 9 or 10 at night. At the end of a long day when I would finally make it home, it was frozen pizza for fourth meal and then a book or show. For a few months I was obsessed with this one TV show- an anime adventure about a young boy who had extreme ambitions and an ridiculous iron will. Each episode was about 20 minutes long and there were hundreds of them online (legally). The main character was just awesome and I would watch for hours and hours. The feeling I had after bingeing all night on this story was euphoric. I felt like I could conquer the world. Through sheer determination I could, like the main character, overcome anything.

This story and hundreds of others have affected my life. I wouldn't be who I am without them. I believe that most other people would say the same thing, to greater and lesser degrees. The stories we tell are a reflection of who we are. And as an audience, the stories we hear connect us to humanity.

I want to experience more great stories, and I want to see others experience more great stories. I want to see people excited about a book, an author, a series. I want to watch people be inspired by humanity. By our strengths and our weaknesses, but mainly by our passion.

The question that sparked Paper Sky Creative is, "How do we use technology to bring more stories into the world?" What we came up with was a kind of venue inspired by indie rock and roll. We set the stage, and draw the crowd, and the author brings their tale to tell. And we do it online, using a web page that by its very design, creates drama, engages readers and forges avid fans for our spotlight author.

The ultimate goal in this whole endeavor is to bear more great stories into the world. With our venues we can increase book sales for authors, without taking a piece of the pie. Our hope is that the increased revenue makes it easier for great authors to write great stories.

Best of luck,
Jacob Ramirez



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